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Flash the First

2008-04-25 13:45:55 by CrystalStars

Our first (decent) Flash should soon be coming to a monitor near you! More updates as progress (hopefully) continues!


2008-04-23 11:57:51 by CrystalStars

HURAHHHH! We've finally done the introduction to our animations! Now for the animations themselves... I'll get on to that... Yay....

New songs

2008-04-23 03:36:56 by CrystalStars

2 New songs are out! We will try to keep making songs for you! See you again tomorrow!


2008-04-22 12:19:19 by CrystalStars

Our magic music reserve has spat out even more songs today! Linguina Latana and Madness funk are 2 great new songs just for your ears! Arn't you lucky? More coming soon.

Ah Ha!

2008-04-22 03:35:50 by CrystalStars

FBF Animation! TheExtreme Stick Tutorial

Indian sort of music

2008-04-21 14:50:08 by CrystalStars

Finally! Indian sort of music is submitted! Check it out!


2008-04-21 13:55:31 by CrystalStars

Our first audio is under judgement already and it should pass smoothly. Listen to it and DONT be cruel and 0 it!


Crystal star CO


2008-04-21 03:18:49 by CrystalStars

We have finished a brand new shiny logo and are working on our first flash. Work is going smoothly! The TutorialCollab'08 Helps LOADS;TutorialColab'08